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A Waterfall of Sea Shells

New to the Under The Sea Collection of 3 Little Birds!

Who doesn’t love sea shells. As you know I grew up on the beach. I used to collect shells all the time. It seemed like every where I went back home had a sea shell wind chime. You know the ones, they are full of gorgeous shells that spiral around. Like this one.  download





The shops we used to go to on the beach always had a wall that looked like this. imagesThese wonderful images are the inspiration behind my newest piece in my Under the Sea Collection at 3 Little Birds, Shell Waterfall earrings!

These beautiful earrings remind me of the chimes I would hear as a child. They are made with real shells so they are delicate and beautiful. Silver chains sparkle like water coming over the falls. Please stop by 3 little birds to see what is nhttp://www.shophandmade.com/Item/Shell-Waterfall-Earrings-from-3-Little-Birds/H457QUUew.

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Creative Space

Bang! Bang! Bang! Oh my, I think to myself, those hammers are loud. I look over to see all three of children working on projects of their own and think to myself, I love that they are all so creative.

What makes a creative space? The answer to this question is different for everyone. For some it is bright colorful walls and lots of light,others enjoy working in the heart of their home. Personally I prefer to work in dedicated space that my family is welcome to come visit! Today I am going to take you on a descriptive journey through my creative space. This is where all the items at 3 Little Birds are made.

As I walk down the stairs to my unfinished basement and turn on the lights I see a wall that is metallic in appearance. As I reach the bottom of the stairs my feet hit the cool concrete floors. around the corner, the room opens up, I take a deep breath and relax…..

This is my creative space! A vast open room with a small sewing table and a cabinet to hold all of my fabric, a craft area for my wonderful children, and of course a craft area for myself. This is my quiet space. I come down here to relax. As you walk toward my craft area you will see a large desk which holds my computer and office supplies, and a very large bookshelf which holds my craft supplies. All the way against the wall is a scrap booking table that has seen so many hours of scrapping and crafting. This is where I make all my jewelry.
Everyone needs a place to relax. For some it is on the couch with a good book, for others that place is the kitchen. For me, this is my place. I would love to see pictures or descriptions of your creative space!

Stop by 3 Little Birds and see what is new! http://www.shophandmade.com/store/3littlebirds/

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What is Faith? Faith is the act of believing without seeing. The newest collection at 3 Little Birds is simply entitled Faith!20170610_121001_001

The collection was inspired by daughter. A couple of weeks ago she came to me during Sunday school and asked a simple question. How do I know that I am going to heaven. I explained to her that if she has faith in God and trusts him as her Lord and Savior that all she has to do is pray and ask God into her heart. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said mommy I am ready to do that. I was thrilled. We prayed for her salvation that afternoon.

I wanted to create a collection that could show our faith tastefully. I also wanted a collection that could be worn by all, men women and children. In my Faith collection you will find pieces for everyone, some with a classic feel, some industrial, and others playful.

Please stop by 3 Little Birds and take a look. http://www.shophandmade.com/store/3littlebirds/









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Smokey Topaz

I just completed a custom order for a dear friend that I would love to share with you. She brought me a beautiful  smokey topaz ring that she already owned and asked if I could make her a pair of earrings to match it. Loving a challenge I accepted. It was a beautiful ring, and honestly a little intimidating.

I wanted to create something that not only match the ring but also fit her personality. So what did I do? Go shopping of course. I found some beautiful topaz colored beads and knew they were perfect for this project. I ended up with a pair of topaz inspired beaded earrings that almost look like small chandlers. She loved them!

Please stop by 3 Little Birds and see what is new! http://www.shophandmade.com/store/3littlebirds/

You can also follow me on Instagram at 3_little___birds and on Facebook at  3 Little Birds


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How do you find time to make jewelry, 20170423_192731_1492991754819_001or blog, or do anything for that matter? By the time I get off work I have nothing left. I don’t see how you have the energy to come up with, and or execute any of this. How do you come up with half of your ideas? These are all statements and questions I here all time.

Yes I am a wife, a mother of three, and I hold a full time job working with an interior 20170515_214039designer, but that is not all of me. I am a creative person, I always have been. Yes, when I get home I am tired sometimes exhausted, but when an idea comes up I jot it down and execute it the first chance I get. Designing and creating are part of who I am. It relaxes me.

Inspiration for my jewelry comes from many different places. My family, work, and memories from my youth, just to name a few. Inspiration comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes, and sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. For instance, I work for an interior designer at a hardware store, we are in and out of clients homes all day. Sometimes I will just be standing their looking out of a new window and get inspiration from whatever nature decides to put before me.20170510_202858 Sometimes I will get ideas as I am helping clients pick out tiles. My point is, you never know when something will spark and idea and a vision of what you want to create. 20170515_214732

I admit this used to really bother me, but I have learned to embrace it. Look for inspiration all around you no matter what you do. Once we embrace the fact that inspiration for creating, and for our lives will hit us out nowhere we can truly be happier. Happier on a day to day biases and happier doing what we love. I would love for everyone to comment with what inspires you, and don’t forget to stop by http://3Littlebirds.shophandmade.com  and see what is new!


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Under the Sea


Your 16 years old, driving an old pick up to the beach with a group of friends. A boom box sits in your front seat, blaring Great White. A tape your older brother gave you. The windows are down, and as you get closer to the sandy shores you can smell the salt in the air. As you step out of the truck you dig your toes into the soft sand. You close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Taking in the sound of the waves crashing to shore. Smelling the salt water mixed with the smoky musk of bonfires all around you. Then you open your eyes you look out at a beautiful vast ocean. This was my childhood. 

Ever since I was a very young child I have been fascinated by the ocean and all of amazing creatures that live in it. I remember weekend trips with my family to the Aquarium where I could stand and watch these beautiful creatures for hours. As I got older I was allowed to touch sharks and other small sea creatures. I remember family camp outs on the beautiful shores, and playing hide and seek in the sand dunes with my siblings. I remember catching fish and crabs with my father for dinner and cooking them on the open fire. The beach always has and always will be a magical place for me. 

The Under the sea collection at 3 Little Birds encompasses these wonderful memories in vivid detail.20170510_194815 The Collection is still in it’s infancy but I wanted to share the inspiration behind it. Bright vivid aquamarine blues reflect the colors of the beautiful ocean, along with stunning charms 20170510_194825that represent the creatures that have kept me in awe all these years. I plan to incorporate shells and sand in some pieces along the way, but I cannot give all my plans away. Come by 3Littlebirds.shophandmade.com  to catch a glimpse of the newest pieces available, and get a piece of the sea to take with you everywhere you go. Follow 3 Little birds here and on Instagram for the latest updates and inspiration behind collections.





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Happy Mother’s Day!

I woke up this morning, groggy, looking for my coffee. As I started the coffee pot, my middle child came up to me, as she was the first one up, and said, “Mamma can you make breakfast”? Breathing a sigh, since I was not quite awake yet, I put a smile on my face, turned to her beautiful face and said, “of course”.  As I put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and finished my coffee, my dear husband came downstairs and said “good morning baby, what you cooking?” Around the corner here come the other two children, wide eye and awake, exclaiming “Ohhh!!! Mamma’s making cinnamon rolls!!! I smell them!!!” I giggled to myself. Ahhhhh, the joys of being Mamma! About twenty minutes later the doorbell rings! Mind you, we are finishing up breakfast, and we are all still in PJ’s. I turn to my family, “are you guys expecting someone”, I ask. “No”, they say. So I go to the door, a little confused, wondering who would possibly be at our home. As I open the door a see a man holding a stunning mixed bouquet of flowers! “Happy Mother’s Day” he says as he hands the vase to me! I turn to my family, surprised, and start giving out hugs to my excited children and amazing husband!  These are the moments that we remember as Mother’s. Smiling faces, giggles, dirty hands, and even the tears. They are some of the best moments of our lives.

Later on during the day I decided to make myself something for mother’s day. I went down to my creative space and made a pendant 20170513_191355that I have been wanting for a long time now! This is my representation of our family tree. The tree is made of thin copper wire wrapped around a silver hoop. The small beads represent each family member’s birthday. You see, when I was younger, my mother had a beautiful ring that had each family member’s birthstone set in gold. My father gave her this ring for mother’s day one year and she cherishes it. She calls it her Mother’s ring. I wanted something similar. Now I cannot take full credit for the design since there are versions of these everywhere, but this is my interpretation of this meaningful piece.

I want to say thank you to all the mother’s out there. Thank you for all that you do for your families.  Thank you for the sleepless nights, long days, and the amazing children that you are raising in our ever changing world. Even though you may not always feel appreciated or even like you are doing a good job, remember that being a mother is a very important job and that you are making a huge difference  in your families lives and in this world! 

In Celebration of Mother’s day at http://3Littlebirds.shophandmade.com   from now until midnight on 5/14/2017 every purchase will receive one free, custom mother’s pendant, chain not included. Using the contact button in the shop, simply contact me with the birthday months you would like to incorporate into your pendant and of course the name that your order is under.  Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!!! And thank you for all that you do!

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3 Little Birds

20170423_193338Hello everyone! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and my store to you. My name is Terri. I am a proud mother of three beautiful children and the wife to a former Marine.

My shop is 3 Little Birds. Its here that my dreams are becoming a reality.

Maybe its the spirit of Mother’s Day in the air, but I felt compelled to tell everyone the inspiration behind this store and the true reason behind the name.


This store is a dream come true for me. I have always been one to do crafts at home.As a young girl I would help my parents make items for their shop at home. You see my parents had a roadside shop that would sell handmade items out of when I was younger. I have always wanted to sell my handmade items but just could not find the right venue to do so. Then I found this amazing site, Shophandmade.com .

So how did you decide on the name 3 Little Birds you may ask. Well its a story that has several key players.

I was discussing the possibility of opening an online store with a coworker and I ask her to help me come up with a name, since I was stumped. You see I had tossed around several options, beads -n- bobbles, and 5D’s to name a few, but none of these really seemed to fit . Then she said how about 3 Little birds. I was hooked!

I wanted something that represented who I am. What better to do that than a store name that actually told my story. You see 3 Little Birds stands for my 3 beautiful and amazing children and reminds me of a particular item used to make with my parents. Can you guess what that was…… Birdhouses of course! I discussed it with my husband and he LOVED it! And it was then that 3 Little Birds, my dream come true, was born!

I am so excited to begin this journey. It is here that I will offer beautiful handmade jewelry and other handmade items as well. Please visit me at http://3Littlebirds.shophandmade.com      and see what is already available and stop back by as there will be more to come.20170510_195455