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What is Faith? Faith is the act of believing without seeing. The newest collection at 3 Little Birds is simply entitled Faith!20170610_121001_001

The collection was inspired by daughter. A couple of weeks ago she came to me during Sunday school and asked a simple question. How do I know that I am going to heaven. I explained to her that if she has faith in God and trusts him as her Lord and Savior that all she has to do is pray and ask God into her heart. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said mommy I am ready to do that. I was thrilled. We prayed for her salvation that afternoon.

I wanted to create a collection that could show our faith tastefully. I also wanted a collection that could be worn by all, men women and children. In my Faith collection you will find pieces for everyone, some with a classic feel, some industrial, and others playful.

Please stop by 3 Little Birds and take a look. http://www.shophandmade.com/store/3littlebirds/










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