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Creative Space

Bang! Bang! Bang! Oh my, I think to myself, those hammers are loud. I look over to see all three of children working on projects of their own and think to myself, I love that they are all so creative.

What makes a creative space? The answer to this question is different for everyone. For some it is bright colorful walls and lots of light,others enjoy working in the heart of their home. Personally I prefer to work in dedicated space that my family is welcome to come visit! Today I am going to take you on a descriptive journey through my creative space. This is where all the items at 3 Little Birds are made.

As I walk down the stairs to my unfinished basement and turn on the lights I see a wall that is metallic in appearance. As I reach the bottom of the stairs my feet hit the cool concrete floors. around the corner, the room opens up, I take a deep breath and relax…..

This is my creative space! A vast open room with a small sewing table and a cabinet to hold all of my fabric, a craft area for my wonderful children, and of course a craft area for myself. This is my quiet space. I come down here to relax. As you walk toward my craft area you will see a large desk which holds my computer and office supplies, and a very large bookshelf which holds my craft supplies. All the way against the wall is a scrap booking table that has seen so many hours of scrapping and crafting. This is where I make all my jewelry.
Everyone needs a place to relax. For some it is on the couch with a good book, for others that place is the kitchen. For me, this is my place. I would love to see pictures or descriptions of your creative space!

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