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A Waterfall of Sea Shells

New to the Under The Sea Collection of 3 Little Birds!

Who doesn’t love sea shells. As you know I grew up on the beach. I used to collect shells all the time. It seemed like every where I went back home had a sea shell wind chime. You know the ones, they are full of gorgeous shells that spiral around. Like this one.  download





The shops we used to go to on the beach always had a wall that looked like this. imagesThese wonderful images are the inspiration behind my newest piece in my Under the Sea Collection at 3 Little Birds, Shell Waterfall earrings!

These beautiful earrings remind me of the chimes I would hear as a child. They are made with real shells so they are delicate and beautiful. Silver chains sparkle like water coming over the falls. Please stop by 3 little birds to see what is nhttp://www.shophandmade.com/Item/Shell-Waterfall-Earrings-from-3-Little-Birds/H457QUUew.


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