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Under the Sea


Your 16 years old, driving an old pick up to the beach with a group of friends. A boom box sits in your front seat, blaring Great White. A tape your older brother gave you. The windows are down, and as you get closer to the sandy shores you can smell the salt in the air. As you step out of the truck you dig your toes into the soft sand. You close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Taking in the sound of the waves crashing to shore. Smelling the salt water mixed with the smoky musk of bonfires all around you. Then you open your eyes you look out at a beautiful vast ocean. This was my childhood. 

Ever since I was a very young child I have been fascinated by the ocean and all of amazing creatures that live in it. I remember weekend trips with my family to the Aquarium where I could stand and watch these beautiful creatures for hours. As I got older I was allowed to touch sharks and other small sea creatures. I remember family camp outs on the beautiful shores, and playing hide and seek in the sand dunes with my siblings. I remember catching fish and crabs with my father for dinner and cooking them on the open fire. The beach always has and always will be a magical place for me. 

The Under the sea collection at 3 Little Birds encompasses these wonderful memories in vivid detail.20170510_194815 The Collection is still in it’s infancy but I wanted to share the inspiration behind it. Bright vivid aquamarine blues reflect the colors of the beautiful ocean, along with stunning charms 20170510_194825that represent the creatures that have kept me in awe all these years. I plan to incorporate shells and sand in some pieces along the way, but I cannot give all my plans away. Come by 3Littlebirds.shophandmade.com  to catch a glimpse of the newest pieces available, and get a piece of the sea to take with you everywhere you go. Follow 3 Little birds here and on Instagram for the latest updates and inspiration behind collections.






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